Today, Cartire "Bracelet" is still the world's most famous wrist decorative and desirable. The "love story" in twenty-fifth years, new customers every day to find special wisdom and love bracelet cartier un clou replica style of their own. And, at the same time, another generation of celebrities of the wrist is the emergence of the "lock" bound to the famous Cartire: Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Joan Collins, Jane Seymor, Princess Diana, Linda Evans, Lionel Rich, Kenny Rogers, Lei Jijie Kson, John Mcenroe, Elton John. These bracelets are a symbol of royalty and luxury.

To know the false and several points should be kept in the difference between the real person of heart. Do check whether they are stamped with the number. If not, then don't buy unless Cartire itself certification, most of the old are false, these days. Check the trademark and copyright, this 18 carat gold 750 stamps, and mark. Note the change of color, the shape of the screw. Cartire bracelet is also false more rounded in shape. Everyone loves jewelry, especially brand jewelry know the name is a cartier un clou famous brand, let the beautiful decorations, the woman in the whole world.

It makes design, near perfect. Love is a by Cartire bracelets, they do very special items. This is the 1969 designed by Aldo cipullo. The design is very grateful, no time to become popular. It is very interesting, this is the style of the L? VE. Something special is the horizontal line within the letter "O". This is love in the world for decades, because of its unique and different design. It has a very unique locking mechanism. It is the most popular product in the Cartire collection. It has been used for couples where social engagement ring. It is still the same 37 years, representing a class, taste, magnificent, and most importantly, a symbol of eternal love. This is a unique part of Cartire indeed. Each bracelet is fixed on the wearer's wrist, can disassemble, with a small screwdriver.
the and so on. 1973, the roster of the "Bracelet" owners including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Nancy and Sinatra, Cary Grant and Diane cannon, Ali McGraw and Steve Mcqueen, mark Britt and Sami Davies, Jr. and many other famous couple in the world. Bracelets became so good, it is often humorously referred to as measuring the cartier love bangles replica final commitment of love (such as "love if you have enough of the Cartire bracelet? Love me) with the passage of time, the special program of continued growth in demand. The popularity of the development of the bracelet, additional product LED in this topic, from the "precious Bracelet love" (diamond) 1979, followed by "love ring" (1983), "love Cufflinks" (1984), and "Love Earrings" (1985).